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The Setti Method, does not want to cure the disease, but it is primarily better to improve the habits of feeding, posture, repiration, body awareness, sleep, emotion management, spirituality ́, sexuality ́. Life in its essence is made up of simple but necessary things.


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Below are the 7 pillars of the System, developed in 30 years of studies and experiences:

Claudio Massimo Setti, being Taoist Master (Expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine), University Professor in Ayurvedic Sciences, Naturopath, Iridologist and expert in Bio-energy uses all psycho-bodily techniques to restore balance between body and mind.

The oriental and classical synergized techniques are called Setti Method.

After several personal successes, the creator of Setti's Way decided to focus on the teaching and daily life of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Naturopathy. This means living in the West, using precious Oriental advice and natural therapies, improving one's well-being and therefore health. A good therapist helps to improve their well-being and does not cure the disease.<br>

It cures the symptom and not the cause!  

This is what I set out with my personal awareness: to live well as a young man up to the wisdom of old age; to die healthy and aware!!!

The search for a life in tune with Mother Nature is called Setti's Way