Setti Method
Life coach

A holistic method that comes from the many years of the experience of his creator, Claudio Massimo Setti, in the field of health and well-being of body and mind. It is the distillate of a long course of studies from which Claudio has extracted the most effective and easily applicable strategies even independently.
The Method is born from the integration between East and West and does not replace any medical care but indicates the way to maintain well-being if you already own it and to improve it if you still believe that you have not achieved it.


All these techniques such as Naturopathy and Iridology, Traditional Chinese and Aurveda Medicine, phytotherapy, nutrition, gymnastics and massage scan sit the right tools to follow a person in 360 degrees. The first history of what you are, who you have been and who you want to be is the most important moment. At this time I am helped with naturopathy with integrated iridological visit, traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. These investigative methods do not replace blood tests or medical diagnoses, not also because the purpose they pursue is different. Solving the general malaise is my goal, providing the appropriate tools through healthy eating, adequate herbal teas and phytotheteratic interventions, the explanation of a few exercises to do daily and the possibility to think about what actually there it also afflicts from a mental point of view is what i care about most. The link that is often created between illness and mind, bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyles and psychological afflictions, such as stress and depression are now recognized also by Western medicine, but often forgets to provide the patient with the right knowledge and instrumentation to take care of yourself. That is why prevention by leading a healthy lifestyle without exaggerating in any complementary therapy, but tending to a balance, like tao, in what we do, how we move and how we eat, can only help

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