University Professor in Ayurvedic Sciences;

Master Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Professional Iridologist;
Master Tai Chi and Yoga;
Bio-energy expert;
Life Coach;

                     Life coach

  • Head of the Setti Method, from 2014 to present. 
  • Iridology and Naturopathic Diploma at the Rudy Lanza Institute, Mi 2014. 

  • Diploma in reflexology techniques at the Rudy Lanza Institute. 

  • Graduated Tui Na. Three-year course for professional practitioners in Chinese Massage, at the Iome Institute in Milan and fourth year of specialization in Traditional Chinese Medicine; on zon su (Chinese reflexology), in chi tsang (abdominal massage), moxibustion, cupping, Dien chan, Tui Na and Micirlpool; Mi 2005.

  •  Four-year Ayurvedic Massage and Diploma at the Ayurvedic Academy of Milan (Un Tocco dal cuore): abyangam from the north and south, kerala, padabyangam, anguillabyangam, mukashiroabyangam, kalary tirumnu, ayurvedic stretching, synchronous massage, midhi, thandabyangam , atmabyangam, marmabyangam, chakradhara, pindasweda, ubatan, garshan, udvarthana, shirodhara, Kundalini Abhyangam, Massage of Indian Monasteries; etc. Ayurvedic aesthetics, Mi 2008.

  •  Master Kundalini, Kerala (India), 2011. 

  • Master of Shaolin Kung Fu, with Maestro Armando Sirtori (Sesto San Giovanni; CONI recognition, 2006) 

  • Tai Chi master, with the master Armando Sirtori (CONI recognition, 2005). 

  • Pa kua qualified teacher, with maestro Rubino Michele tiger and dragon gym, Milan 2010. 

  • Master of gi gong (ancient gymnastics and Chinese breathing), with Maestro Xu Qian, Mi 2000 

  • Taoist Master recognized by Sifu Xu Qian, 2017 

  • Tai yoga teacher, Kundalini yoga, Power yoga, Yin yoga, Iyenger yoga, pilates, fit boxing, Personal Trainer etc 

  • Best Wellness Luxury Spa, Northern Europe, Engel Spa, 2018. 

  • BOLZANO Autonomous Province accreditation for physical activity - Tai chi chuan - on medical prescription. 2019

  •  Bioenergetics course; 2019, Mi. 

  • Start up Setti Method at Winkler Hotels: Purmontes (Private Luxury Chalet), Hotel Winkler, Lanerhof, Sonnenhof.

    • Setti Method Manager presso gli hotel Winklers: Purmontes (Private Luxury Chalet), Hotel Winkler, Lanerhof, Sonnenhof; Brunico.
      Responsabile dello sviluppo aziendale e spa e consulente ayurvedico e benessere
      Master Executive in Project Management, 2019
      Presentation Setti Method with open lessons during Heraldmeetings International conference on traditional and alternative medicine; 2/3 March 2020; www.heraldmeetings.com/all-conferences
      Wellness Heaven Award at the Winklerhotels, Brunico, in northern Italy; 2020.
      University professor of Ayurvedic sciences at the University of the Academy since 2020

CONTATTI: cellulare 3342873526 - email info@settiway.com -

Best Wellness luxury spa, with Hotel Engel, Bolzano, 2018

Setti Method, at 5 Stars Winklerhotels in 2019:

  1. Hotel Lanerhof
  2. Hotel Purmontes
  3. Hotel Winkler
  4. Hotel Sonnenhof

Wellness Heaven Award at Winklerhotels, Brunico, Northern Italy; 2020.

2 e 3 marzo 2020 Roma Speaker alla Conferenza Internazionale Heraldmeetings su Medicina Complementare

University Professor in Ayurvedic Science at Uniaccademia since 2020