Setti Method

This method is based on an integration of disciplines aimed at improving one's psycho-physical well-being, through an initial consultation, which can be Naturopathic, Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine and, all these disciplines are supported by an Iridological visit.

The Method continues with the creation of a tailored nutritional plan to correct small symptoms or even try to solve ancient and annoying gastro-intestinal and non-gastrous disorders. In the absence of symptoms, the Setti diet ensures longevity and well-being, eliminating everything that could poison the body over time.
There is the possibility of following the Setti Diet, with a duration of 6 months, allowing a general rebalancing of the metabolism and therefore of Health. Nutrition plays an essential role in the Method and consists in a careful observance of foods of an anti-phlogistic and alkaline table and universal nutritional principles. For fans of Ayurvedic nutrition there is the possibility of an Ayurvedic diet according to its constitution.
Food habits alone are not enough to maintain longevity, but also a series of life habits in harmony with Nature.

The Setti Method offers a wide choice of natural disciplines and is easy to apply in everyday life, derived from Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine:
tai chi chuan old style
alchemic gi gong
Kundalini yoga
Ancient oriental secrets

The knowledge of all types of massages in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, bioenergetics, ancient oriental techniques and beneficial effects makes the Method a system to solve the problems of our hectic and often empty life!

Possible packages

The Setti Method packages are divided into

Traditional Chinese Medicine Packages
HOLISTIC packages

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